space and elegance

Sit comfortably and relax within our large rooms, furnished with taste and elegance. The availability of space allows us to arrange the tables ensuring privacy, to our customers.

the choice

The internal rooms, the dining room outside in the park, the room for private parties. Choose the location that you want. We are at your disposal to advise you the best and find solution that best satisfies your needs. Come and visit us. We are waiting ...

Hall of

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Hall of grapes

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Hall of orchids

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Hall of sunflower

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Hall of wheat

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A friendly atmosphere characterizes the room of roses, giving a relaxing and enjoyable moments. It's the largest of rooms at your disposal. The ideal location for weddings and other celebrations. The arrangement of the tables allows you to consume a romantic dinner for two, or to choose a fun table in joy with your friends. Over 100 seats at your disposal. The room is based on the ground floor and the exit directly on the large park outside enabling you to perform a walk in the open air.


The greatness of the hall of UVE allows us to offer space and services of absolute comfort. Utmost care and attention to detail to make the decorations and the preparation of the tables. Drapes, floral arrangements, musical accompaniment are just some of the services on demand ourselves available to our customers, together with a professional service. Possibility of buffet outside to welcome the guests.


Small room where organize ceremonies for few guests. Large panoramic windows over the large park gives brightness and pleasant feeling of contact with nature. The privacy of the hall of ORCHIDS make it unique and very suitable for ceremonies with a very low number of guests.


Sunny is the ward that best characterizes the hall of SUNFLOWERS - Large space and well furnished allow the accommodation of a large number of diners who can taste our dishes surrounded in the green park of the farm. Almost entirely surrounded by bright windows is placed directly on the ground floor in the park, and takes on the characteristics of a large architectural gazebo.

HALL OF WHEAT - Private party

Available for private parties. Ideal for birthdays, baptisms and other events. The customer can just rent the hall, providing personally to the buffet. Ideal for parties up to 100 people. Directly immersed in the park, with ample parking available. Remind you that birthdays and christenings, as well as parties and celebrations of other kinds, can also be booked in the halls of the farm with choice of various price.